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Music Box Waltz Music Box Waltz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My god, this is so nostalgic and eerie.

Absolutely amazing! I have to say, the plucking of the violins, especially at 1:35 reminds me of Fable 1, Witchwood theme. Absolutely fantastic. 5/5, and Favorited I love how everything blends together to making it sound so very eerie and mysterious, but at the same time magical and enchanting.

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Rampant responds:

Ah, yes, Fable. I loved Fable 1, its soundtrack definitely helped inspire me to write this track. Magical, enchanting, and mysterious -- that's what I was going for, just like the Fable soundtrack :)

Thanks for the feedback,
- James

[UE] Part II (UltimateEdi [UE] Part II (UltimateEdi

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can't even begin to describe just how epic this is, but I will try.

First off, the instruments sound real, not like some shitty knock off audio program. That INSTANTLY is worth at least 3 points. Second, The chord progression is very smooth, and at the intervals of sound, the ambient winds, violins, and thunder sounds goes amazing together. You SOMEHOW manged to perfectly blend fucking techno/trance synths into this? It's just amazing. I give this a 10/10, 5/5, a download, the link a post to my facebook, and straight to my favorites.

That being said, I think I know some music you may like to hear, and would fill me with epic joy if you did a remix of. Have you ever heard of a game called Demon's Crest? It's an old (1994) super Nintendo game. It features epic orchestral songs that are very gothic/heavy, and I think with your amazing skill you could do it some good. If you want, I could send you all the songs in .MP3 format.

Great job on the fantastic song, I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Wonders of Space Wonders of Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I cannot describe just how much I love this.

I have given many tracks a 10 star rating, but few actually deserve it on the level that you do. This tract has a WONDERFUL sound. its upbeat, happy ,and relaxed all at the same time. It gives me great memories of Katamari Damacy, it think because it's so happy. You have great sounds, synth goes wonderful, I love the xylophone and 'bubble' sound at about 5:30 in. I think you make wonderful cord progression, everything blends together so smoothly, and the vibe fits together like puzzle pieces to my ears. I have added this to my favorite list, added you to my favorite list, rated 5 out of 5, downloaded, and I'm going to tell all my musician friends about you. I really hope you go far with this talent, this SHOULD be in a katamari game. This sound is just phenomenal, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs to clean out their ears. I wish I could meet you so I could give you a bro fist for this. Keep making more, this inspires my art so much, I'm going to go paint now :)

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SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Haha I understand about he standards of ratings here.
[insert explanation on the demographic of the internet here]
You remind me that I have to update the list of everything people say I sound like

But thanks a bunch, it does me a lotta good to know there are folks out there like you who enjoy my stuff enough to be inspired to go out and do [good] things.
Your time is greatly appreciated NightScorn

[cam] Staring Into Space [cam] Staring Into Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a masterpiece. Its relaxing, and gives me this sense of easy flowing harmony. everything fits perfectly together in this song. from the steel guitar to the bass, or the little ambiance noise in the background. I can't think of a thing to improve. I love it without a doubt. this even inspires me to do art, and I think I will!
as a side notce, I think this should be in Misc.or ambiance, not hip hop. it feels too.... gentle and mellow.

downloaded and shared on facebook. Well done.

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Para - Blistering Eyes Para - Blistering Eyes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A solid 9! Almost 10!

This is great man, I love it. Your effects, blending, and all the sounds.... Just amazing!
I also read your little voice post, and I think it's great that you turned a funny inside joke into such an astonishing song. The only ONLY reason you don't get a 10 from me is because the voice in the beginning was kind of annoying at first, although it did blend nicely into the song at later parts, and then it sounded awesome. so you get a 5/5. I can't really think if anything to improve on, the EARNED it's spot in the top tracks of all time.
Keep up the good work friend, It's nice to have someone in this community with real talent. I hope to see more of your songs in the top tracks of all time.

A Dire Dire Guitar Ballad A Dire Dire Guitar Ballad

Rated 5 / 5 stars


All the people below me are right, this is PERFECT! You are a great composer for being able to remix an amazing old song, and turn it into something.... so much better. I love this more than just about anything else here. I'm coming back every day and dropping my 5 bomb on this thing til' it's the top song of all time!
Fav'd and downloaded, Good job man.

FF7 - Battle Theme Remake FF7 - Battle Theme Remake

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once again your limitless talent beats standards

Phenomenal. No other fucking words could describe this. Your works vary from remixes of well known animations, creature of musical masterpieces, and hilarious shorts. I love this piece. I want to stick my hand through my computer monitor and high five you. You need to be hired by someone. Adult swim, The Gaming channel, whatever, you need to be acknowledged for your epic,epic winsauce skillz. I applaud you. I applaud this piece, and your skills. Please concider making a remix of the video game Demons' Crest and one of its soundtracks. you Would make it so goddamned amazing.

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Temple of Time to Dance Temple of Time to Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"The legend of Zelda, and the rave of good times"

I personally love it. disregard the people who bomb you for changing it from the original form. if you kept it the same, then it would be a remix now would it? this is very unique, and I love it!

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choopocobra responds:

thank u my good sir!

Lejin - Fuck's Wrong wit'chu Lejin - Fuck's Wrong wit'chu

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Meh, its pretty good.

the beat is okay. The ranting gets kinda old. There's obviously some feud I don't totally understand. That aside, the music itself is okay. I would suggest getting a little bit better quality mic. BTW the shit about Warcraft in the beginning is funny man( I play WoW so I can take a joke,lol)

I like it, the rhyming is pretty good. I would suggest Laying off the "fuck wrong wit' choo", it takes away from the serious of the saying. It's okay, your scores pretty low so I'll give you a five and kick it up. Care to send a P.M. to me and explain the Fail that the liezo or whomever is pulling?

nice job,

Lejin responds:

Haha yeah I had a great time making this. You right about the quality, But I feel like it is a waste to put time and money on something thats not being made to land on the radio or a demo. This was made strictly to piss off and warn some keyboard gangsters.

I'm glad you enjoyed this.

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)

Super Ghost and Ghouls Super Ghost and Ghouls

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This OUTSTANDING! I love it so much.... Can you do something for me?

you may not know, but super ghouls and ghosts is part of a series including Demons Crest, for the SNES. The music in that game is amazing, and if you could remix one of the songs there I'd love you even more.