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Little My Star ~InfectVer Little My Star ~InfectVer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I nevef Imagined...

The cute, Chibi/Japanese style mixed with fucking zombies... It's great :D
Over all, the animation is somewhat 'jumpy', you may want to work on easing more, but the art style was lovely. Great job :)

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Minecraft Pals Minecraft Pals

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love the art, it's just like the game!
Minecraft is an awesome PC game that you can download for free (illegally) or pay about 13 US dollars for. when you buy it you can play online with other players.
This is a great animation and I love the humor, I really hope to see a series out of this!
I can see it 'Minecraft pals' being the next big video game series. all about a group of friends going in crazy adventures and trying to survive.

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Junior Junior

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I Love this so much. your artstyle and and animation quality rocks! This is very impressive and heartwarming. Great job.

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Coil Coil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very interresting!

This is a weird, yet fun game. It makes me think about what the situation 'she' is in that caused her to be pregnant. From my understanding, She slept with a man and got pregnant, found him again in the future and ended dating him and getting an abortion.

Some advice on how to beat the game:

As stated, this uses mouse movement alone. During text screens, move your mouse in a circular pattern following the arrows, then you proceed to the next stage.

Level 1:, take your mouse and move it up and down to make the sperm swim. reach an egg and you win.

Level 2: Use your mouse as a type of reverse magnet to push the red, green, and blue orbs together in their own color coordinated cluster, then separate them.

Level 3: Spin the mouse in circle patterns to make the egg roll out of the way. As the falling egg, avoid the sperm like cells trying to hit you, them will push you to the top of the level and you have to restart from the beginning.

Level 4: use your mouse to control a lasso to grab cells and eat them. The larger brain like creates will steal them from you if you aren't quick.

Level 5: Hover your mouse over two two kidney like objects to turn clock and counter-clockwise. use the yellow tube organ to move. Try to get about 8 different mini-organisms in the sac at once.

Level 6: use the mouse to steer in the direction you want to go. Try and find other creatures and shoot them (firing is done automatically). I find it easiest to find one and just bump against it til' I can proceed.

Level 7: much like level 3, use the mouse to fly around. I fly to the right til the moon disappears off screen then the game ends.

the ENDING TEXT, more specifically the last sentence is blocked by animations, but with timing I was able to read: " He pressed his cheek to hers, He pressed his cheek."

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Cloud to Ground Lightning Cloud to Ground Lightning

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

acceptable but framiliar..

The games concept is interesting, but it seems the HUD and many other elements of the game was taken from Modern Warfare 2. Also, in the first minute of standard mode a glitched man appeared that could not be killed with any bore size, the game also seems to grow old easy. Maybe if you gave the ability for the player to gain,well, abilities. Upgrading the cannons strength and Area of Effect, maybe even some sort of flame thrower? Anyways, you said it was inspired by CoD Modern Warfare2, but it seems to me that it is Too inspired, and not enough created.
You should find some sort of way to make it more individualized. I like the game, I really do, It just kinda grows old quickly and there isn't a lot to it. However you did do a nice job. you get a 7/10 and 4/5 from me :)

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Communist in Space Communist in Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars


SO many /b/ references....
anyways, the game in general is a worn down, but non-the-less fun type. The references, while humorous, also fit in well with the type of animation. I hope to moar of kipmud, becuase I FUCKING LOVE MUDKIPZ

10/10,5/5 Keep trollin' the /b/,

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Music Box Waltz Music Box Waltz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My god, this is so nostalgic and eerie.

Absolutely amazing! I have to say, the plucking of the violins, especially at 1:35 reminds me of Fable 1, Witchwood theme. Absolutely fantastic. 5/5, and Favorited I love how everything blends together to making it sound so very eerie and mysterious, but at the same time magical and enchanting.

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Rampant responds:

Ah, yes, Fable. I loved Fable 1, its soundtrack definitely helped inspire me to write this track. Magical, enchanting, and mysterious -- that's what I was going for, just like the Fable soundtrack :)

Thanks for the feedback,
- James

[UE] Part II (UltimateEdi [UE] Part II (UltimateEdi

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can't even begin to describe just how epic this is, but I will try.

First off, the instruments sound real, not like some shitty knock off audio program. That INSTANTLY is worth at least 3 points. Second, The chord progression is very smooth, and at the intervals of sound, the ambient winds, violins, and thunder sounds goes amazing together. You SOMEHOW manged to perfectly blend fucking techno/trance synths into this? It's just amazing. I give this a 10/10, 5/5, a download, the link a post to my facebook, and straight to my favorites.

That being said, I think I know some music you may like to hear, and would fill me with epic joy if you did a remix of. Have you ever heard of a game called Demon's Crest? It's an old (1994) super Nintendo game. It features epic orchestral songs that are very gothic/heavy, and I think with your amazing skill you could do it some good. If you want, I could send you all the songs in .MP3 format.

Great job on the fantastic song, I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Wonders of Space Wonders of Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I cannot describe just how much I love this.

I have given many tracks a 10 star rating, but few actually deserve it on the level that you do. This tract has a WONDERFUL sound. its upbeat, happy ,and relaxed all at the same time. It gives me great memories of Katamari Damacy, it think because it's so happy. You have great sounds, synth goes wonderful, I love the xylophone and 'bubble' sound at about 5:30 in. I think you make wonderful cord progression, everything blends together so smoothly, and the vibe fits together like puzzle pieces to my ears. I have added this to my favorite list, added you to my favorite list, rated 5 out of 5, downloaded, and I'm going to tell all my musician friends about you. I really hope you go far with this talent, this SHOULD be in a katamari game. This sound is just phenomenal, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs to clean out their ears. I wish I could meet you so I could give you a bro fist for this. Keep making more, this inspires my art so much, I'm going to go paint now :)

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SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Haha I understand about he standards of ratings here.
[insert explanation on the demographic of the internet here]
You remind me that I have to update the list of everything people say I sound like

But thanks a bunch, it does me a lotta good to know there are folks out there like you who enjoy my stuff enough to be inspired to go out and do [good] things.
Your time is greatly appreciated NightScorn

Recent Art Reviews

Heilo Heilo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very funny!

Once again your works amuse me. One slight detail though.

The swastikas are backwards. I'm not sure if this was on purpose, but the ends are reversed of what they should be here. Also, The hat being worn by mastercheif is very nice, but the Fuhrer had no swastika in the middle of his hat, instead he had the german eagle which HELD a swastika in a circle. The main insignia was a red dot inside a white then black ring, which was held in a ring of golden feathers.
JUST POINTING OUT DETAIL. I just wanted this to be a useful review.
I love everything so fa, I can REALLY tell you've been working on your hands since your dethklok art. I love the humor here, the art, and the fact that the lighting is consistent.

Very good job Shadman!

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Fuhrungsqualitaten Fuhrungsqualitaten

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Es gibt keinen Gott ...

You had to take the ONE thing I love, and make it a hermaphrodite. I don't understand futta, and no one will explain what's attractive about it.

On to a review......

Well, Fuck. It's pretty much perfect. You got EVERYTHING RIGHT. You drew the Totenkopf(DeathHead Skull) perfectly, the hat is properly shaped, and the hands are wonderful. The shading is perfect, and Iron cross collar is just amazing.

The ONLY bad thing, is the penis. You wouldn't happen to have a copy where is ISN'T a dick, would you? It would greatly satisfy my sick. non- penis fetish.

Bis morgen, mein Führer des Arts,


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TheShadling responds:

Dieses Mädel braucht leckere Hoden.

Bloodrocuted Bloodrocuted

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yet again!

again I see your wonderful art and find myself full of envy and inspiration. This is by far perhaps the most brutal, pitch black and white design I have seen. I cannot express the sheer amount of deth that this piece brings to my heart.

PROS: FUCKING EVERYTHING. I looked at this for almost ten minutes trying to find a bad thing, and I couldn't. I can tell you've worked on hands, your proportions are much better, the organs and torsos blend seamlessly, and the sharp black and white contrast adds a very unique, defined look to this piece.

CONS: NONE WHAT SO EVER. I think this is perfect within it's artstyle, even down to the lighting.

Bravo yet again shadman, you continue to push my own artistic impulses into a direction I like more and more each day. I will be uploading things soon, I hope you visit some time.


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